Not Only Blah Blah is not just a magazine, it is not just talking, it is a tool to share and investigate critical art jewellery with an aim to create change and reflect the ways we as makers evolve creatively and critically. Created by NOD, our publication not only documents and archives the works of Not Only Decoration members, it is also aimed to be used for discussing topics relevant to makers and artists who want to look with a critical eye upon what we do, and also how we do it. Since we are a not for profit organisation, each magazine sold brings money directly where it is needed so we can continue to provide as an artist platform successfully, with exhibitions and promotions for our members.


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In this issue, we are focusing on the detrimental effects of capitalism on the ability of art and art jewellery to affect change, to engage people. To engage people effectively, this issue suggests works that utilise Participation, Performance and the Worn can circumvent these issues.

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